Scrapyard II Complete!

The map design for the Scrapyard II area of Unearthed is now complete! The Scrapyard is one of the first areas appearing in Unearthed, and I knew I wanted to give it an encore appearance for some end-game nostalgia.

Returning to the Scrapyard on a hunch, Mitchell finds a secret pathway tucked away behind a large rusted door. Forging onward, he discovers a vast cavern filled with dangerous automatons, toxic waste and useful trinkets. He must explore this cavern thoroughly and carefully, in search of a rare and powerful item needed to complete his trip to the surface.

This map was a lot of fun to do, and I think turned out rather nicely. Posted below is the main cavern that Mitchell will have to explore. I was going for a bit of a “underground dump” kind of motif.


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By Michael