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Scrapyard Evolution

The Scrapyard map tile-set is nearing completion! Usually I would wait until I was done the area walkabout video before posting again, but I have a bit of a “behind the scenes” feature to show off. Here are some pictures displaying the graphical evolution of the area to what it is now.

This is the first screen of the area that I posted. As you can see it only displays a small area of the map and colours are a little iffy. This is just a basic mock-up of the area, where I hack in all elements that I deem absolutely essentially and don’t worry too much about colours and placement. As a sidenote, I noticed that the limited range of colours evoked a bit of a NES vibe.

This is the first revision of the area. Two major changes here: the background is a much more vibrant red, and I began to contemplate how different areas would be connected (ladders, cave doors). I also expanded the area to allow the display of more elements.

Just another bit of colour tweaking. By this time I had decided that the red was a little too vibrant, and desaturated it a bit. I wanted to get a bit of a “rusty” feeling throughout the caves.

This is the near finished product! At this point I have finished all the main elements and focused on smaller details (slime, broken robots, moss, etc…). I also have expanded the test area to allow for more in-depth testing of collision detection and basic area flow.

Expect a walkabout video within the next week. Then onto more maps!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer