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Ruins Tileset Complete!

The tileset for the Ruins area of Unearthed is now complete! This was (fortunately) a really easy set of edits to make. I simply desaturated the colour palette for the pyramid tileset and moved around a few of the minitiles. The result is a relatively generic underground tomb tileset; one that will be used for extremely interesting purposes.

Now, I haven’t exactly decided what those interesting purposes are yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something eventually. I’ll be starting the map editing for this area over the next couple of days and, as always, I will be showing off progress as it happens. It isn’t likely to be too large an area as I think I have created enough giant, end-game dungeon crawls as it stands.

Enjoy the small and simple preview below, and keep checkin’ back for updates!

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    • That is really weird! I haven’t had any other complaints, and the videos seem to playing well for me… perhaps it is something on your end? My first thought would be that you are running an old version of Internet Explorer. IE is quite often the root of a lot of problems.

      • I remember getting this problem a while back on Firefox, so I don’t think it’s because of IE. For me it just disappeared after a while, and I never figured out what the problem was.

        • It could be a Flash plugin issue. Try going to the Adobe website and upgrading your version.

          YouTube uses it’s own special type of compression for all uploaded videos, so I couldn’t really change anything if I wanted to. I hope this issue resolves for you somehow!

      • IE 9, and Flash 11, both the most recent versions. It’s really obnoxious, since the only way to safely view the blog is to load up IE without add-ons so that Flash is disabled altogether. I’ll do it, but… grrrr. JUST FOR YOU. :p

  • The link to your Twitter account in this post is broken, FYI.

    BTW, you mentioned at one time that we could see a release of this game by the end of this year/the start of next year. Based on the progress you’ve made thus far, would you say that still stands? Or do you think that it might come sooner?

    Also, we’ve been seeing a lot of mapsets lately. You mentioned ASM hacks earlier in the development. Will those still be present?

    …Sorry for the long post. >>;

    • Thanks for the broken link alert. Apparently I have forgotten the difference between relative and direct hyperlinks. -_-

      The release date is going to be a bit later than I had originally hoped. This is mainly due to the hiatus I had to take back in June for wedding stuff, but also because I greatly expanded the third act of the game to include some bonus content.

      I plan to have an alpha version of the game completed by the end of the year. This will contain fully completed maps and have the ASM hacks (run patch, blue magic, etc…) integrated in as well. Once that is complete I will likely have a short “closed alpha”, where I recruit a few testers to help me find any problems with the maps. That should last only a couple weeks.

      After that point I will be placing sprites, writing scripts and doing the 100s of other things that go into making a game. This will take a while, but should move quickly because:

      a) I can get help from the community for this part of development.
      b) Text/Sprite editing is considerably less glitchy than map editing.

      I don’t know exactly when the full game will be done, but I will definitely have a playable demo out within the next six months. My hope is to have everything done before the end of next year, but I don’t want to set another concrete deadline. Hacking is hard and unpredictable.

      • “Hacking is hard and unpredictable”

        You’re preaching to the choir my friend. I tried doing some hacking on Zelda 3 a few years back, but after getting into Hyrule Magic, my reaction was: screw this. Hacking is such a pain.

        • Hah! I actually ended up in a similiar situation last year. I thought it would be “relaxing” to take a break from hacking EarthBound and decided to try my hand at Hyrule Magic.

          After a couple hours I came to the conclusion that I should limit my stress to one type of game hacking at a time. I haven’t touched Hyrule Magic, or any other game hacking software, since.

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Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer