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Ruins Complete!

The map design for the Ruins area of Unearthed is now complete! This was a really simple edit and I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to do. Perhaps I am feeling some game development lethargy? Or maybe I am editing slowing because the end is in sight and I don’t want to stop moving map pixels around?

Or maybe I’m just a lazy butt. Your call!

The Ruins are located below The Creep and are accessible through a small passage in the ground. Although a relatively tiny area, a variety of unusual enemies can be found patrolling the halls of this decaying edifice. Perhaps even stranger than the monsters themselves is a certain creature who makes his home within these stone hallways. Mitchell must parlay with this creature in order to obtain an important item; one that will assist him in his ultimate objective.

There is the last area in Unearthed asides from the final dungeon (a three parter)! We’re getting very close to the next phase of development, so expect a shift in content soon.


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  • You’re a lazy butt. That’s always been the issue. 😛 Just messing.

    So as far as the implementation of ASM is concerned, I’d like to ask: Have you already planned out most of the ASM hacking? Or are you doing it “blind”? Also, how much are you actually going to reveal about the ASM? Is each new feature going to get a post or will you hold back on a few of them?

    • Most of the ASM hacking is done! The patches were completed ages ago (many thanks to SM.net members), and I’ve been waiting until the map editing was completed before applying them to the ROM.

      If you fish through the old blog archives you may be able to find some of the older features. There is a sort of “blue magic” system that will be implemented, as well as some minor patches (running with Y, EB++, etc…).

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer