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Random Thoughts: September 2nd

Nothing major coming down the pipes this week, so here are a few micro-updates for you all.

In a somewhat procrastinated attempt to keep up with the times, I’ve decided to start a Twitter account for the website. I’ll be using it to post incremental game updates, links and random thoughts about games in general. I encourage everyone to utilize their computer skills to follow me and send me advice on how to best use this “social media” all the kids are high on nowadays.

I designed a new logo for the website last night! I’m not going to bother embedding it in this post since you need only shift your eyes upwards to view it. I was never really happy with the old design, and I think this brand spankin’ new isometric logotype is the bee’s knees. Whatever that means.

A little mini-review: Bastion is awesome and you should play it. Immediately. Top notch narration coupled with intuitive yet deep combat mechanics, results in a very accessible and entertaining play experience. I especially enjoyed the weapon selection and upgrades; they really allow you to tailor combat to your own personal style.


DrinkBox Studios just recently announced a sequel to their debut Tales From Space: About A Blob titled Mutant Blobs Attack!.

The first title had some pretty solid platforming/puzzle/physics based action featuring cartoon violence and a 50s sci-fi aesthetic. This time around it seems DrinkBox going a little grungier and meaner, and I expect that tone to transfer into the gameplay as well. I eagerly await playing the sequel whenever it may be released.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer