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Progress Update

I had a few emails/comments sent my way, so I thought I would keep you guys illuminated on what was going on around here.

First things first, I have not halted work on Unearthed. I am currently designing maps and game flow-charts that cover all the major events/characters/locations in the game. I had originally started doing this via my laptop, but after having some gnarly technical issues I eventually “degraded” to pencil and paper. I’m keeping a pretty good pace and hope to complete this stage of production before December.

It seems that people would like me to continue updating the blog during this time period – which is a neat idea but poses some problems. I do not really want to reveal any more of the game’s plot, and since the plot is essentially all that I am working on at this point, I don’t have too much to talk about.

So instead I will be updating the blog in a different manner. Firstly, I will be elaborating on the technical processes that go into hacking EarthBound (and SNES games in general). This could be anything from software to completed hacks by other PkHackers.

Secondly, I will be answering questions from anyone who is interested enough to send them my way. You can reach me through my email michael@hyperbound.net, or by simply leaving a comment on my blog posts. Feel free to ask me anything related to Unearthed, Hyperbound, hacking or just games in general.

Thanks for keeping an interest in the project!

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  • Wow, thanks for you responding to our requests of updating the blog a bit more frequently!

    An interesting read, as always, I'm looking forward to you updating your blog!

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer