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Progress Recap

Unearthed hit a huge milestone yesterday with the completion sixth and final new map tile-set for the game! This signifies the end of a huge amount of technical work that I have been doing over the last year or so, and the beginning of a new phase of game production. What comes next? Well, before we look forward lets take a look back at some of the work that has been done so far:

6 New Map Tile-sets
The Crystal Mines
The Boding Sea
The Scrapyard
The Creep

New Technical Features
Learning Through Experience (The Blue Magic Project)
New Text System
The Running Patch

Plus numerous great bits of artwork by both Kupo_KK and Matt!

There is still a lot more work to be done for this project, no doubt, but with one major hurdle completed things are seeming a lot more within reach. Here is a break down of the next steps that will be taken in production.

1) Create “base rom” for editing. This requires the fusing of all technical elements so far in a way in which then don’t conflict with each other.

2) World creation. Now that the tile-sets are completed, the actually game areas must be constructed from them.

3) Script writing. Before we start putting text into the game, we need to figure out exactly what it is that should be said.

As always, I will keep you all updated as things move along. While I am doing boring technical stuff over the next week or so, I will make a few posts regarding some small map work that has been done over the last week. After that, you can fully expect to see screen-shots of in-progress map editing and technical tests.

And in case you were wondering… the sixth and final map tile-set will not be revealed until the the game’s release. I had some fun with this one, and don’t want to ruin the surprise!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer