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PK Hack Update: October 31st

I recently became a staffer at Starmen.net, with the job of promoting and developing PK Hack content. I’ll be syndicating my bi-weekly front page posts on the blog as they occur. This post is from October 31st, and I post under the name HyperBound.

Greetings from the interweb! This is HyperBound, and I am here to combine my courage with NESluver’s wisdom to help revive the oft forgotten PK Hack section of Starmen.net. A daunting task, but one we believe that can be overcome with a combination of creativity, effort and community involvement. What should you expect from my bi-weekly front page posts? Asides from a delightfully written bit of verbiage, you will also to be treated to:
  • At least one video showcasing a PK Hack hack or software application.
  • Hack progress updates lifted straight out of the PK Hack forums.
  • Log notes on what has been updated in the PK Hack section of the website.

That all being said, let’s not waste anymore time with introductions and get straight into some content!

This week’s video showcases one of my personal favourite technical hacks, the EarthBound Run Hack. By holding the “Y” button during gameplay, the player can double her movement speed! Very useful for those who are interested in playing the game through a bit more quickly, or are just a bit impatient!

Many thanks go out to Flynman for developing this hack! If you’d like to download it yourself you can find the patch on the new forum thread related to this post, and the instructions on how to do so in the PK Hack section of the website.

And now onto the progress updates!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer