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PK Hack Update: November 28

I recently became a staffer at Starmen.net, with the job of promoting and developing PK Hack content. I’ll be syndicating my bi-weekly front page posts on the blog as they occur. This post is from November 28th, and I post under the name HyperBound.

It’s Monday morning and that means another delightful PK Hack content update! There is a lot of excellent work-in-progress to check out this week from our eclectic group of hackers, but first I’d like to put a moment aside to talk about some moving picture information.

For the last couple of weeks NESluver and myself have been putting a call out to PK Hackers for Let’s Play videos (with rather excellent results). It turns out that the SM.net community is home to quite a few talented video content creators, and it has been a pleasure to watch and post your movies on the front page.

But did you know that Let’s Plays are not the only types of videos we’re looking for? The PK Hack staff will readily accept all sorts of fan-generated movie content; anything from technical demonstrations to speed runs. As long as it involves a game that has been made with PK Hack we want to see it! You can submit it to myself or NESLuver via a PM on the forums, and we will happily toss it up on the front page.

Of course, we still very much love getting Let’s Plays for our hacks! Van Kadix was kind enough to put one together for the classic PK Hack game Jonbound. Here is part one of his excellent Let’s Play, with parts two, three and four also available for viewing on the YouTube. Enjoy!

And now onto weekly progress updates! We have some great visual content this week, including some wonderful sprite work by Crav and a new map from NESluver. Check it out!

  • Centipede (Overworld Sprite)


    An overworld spriteset made for the EB Zero Remake

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    By Michael
    Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer