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PK Hack Update: November 14th

I recently became a staffer at Starmen.net, with the job of promoting and developing PK Hack content. I’ll be syndicating my bi-weekly front page posts on the blog as they occur. This post is from November 14th, and I post under the name HyperBound.

When NESluver and myself first fielded the idea of PK Hack Let’s Plays, there was a bit of a concern that the idea wouldn’t catch on. We worried that the community at SM.net would not be interested in playing some of the great hacks out of the archives, and would simply ignore our pleas for delightful multimedia content.

But I guess I was worrying for nothing! We’re only two weeks into November and we have already received two community submitted Let’s Play videos for Hat Quest. Vid and EnnuiKing really did a great job with their videos, and I highly recommend giving them a watch. Just click on links below and prepare yourselves for amazing video content!

Ennuiking’s Hat Quest Let’s Play


A short and sweet Let’s Play, using an earlier build of Hat Quest.

And just because there are already a few Let’s Plays done, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make more! We are in the process of instituting a badge reward for those who make high quality Let’s Plays for PK Hack games. We haven’t hammered out the details quite yet, but will reveal them later on in the week.

And just to keep the ball rolling, I have made a short Let’s Play for Hat Quest myself. Since Vid has already done such an excellent job on a longplay, I decided to keep mine relatively short. I ended up running the first fifteen minutes of the game or so, accompanied by some inane banter and a mouse cursor I forgot to move. Hope you enjoy!


And now onto weekly progress updates. We have two major contributors this week. EBrent has supplied us with a bevy of completely original sprites for use in PK Hack. I am especially fond of his moustache samurai; the perfect combination of manly swagger and deadly warrior! H.S. is showing off his music composing talents with a few tunes he’s making for his EB Zero Remake. Editing music in PK Hack is a daunting endeavour, so be sure to give a listen to the .mp3s below.

  • Lisa


    An original sprite-set made by EBrent.



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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer