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Pathfinder Round-up

Thanks to a post on Reddit, a lot of folks from the Pathfinder RPG community made their way down to The World Is Square over the weekend. Our traffic quintupled on the two days following the post, so I guess it was pretty popular!


For those of you decided to stick around, below I have listed some more great Pathfinder articles that RS and I have put together over the past couple of years. You can also check out the Pathfinder subsection of the website to see the most current articles, reviews, and commentaries.

Five Pathfinder Society Encounters That Must Die
We Suck at Paizo’s RPG Superstar
Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Post-Mortem
The Lancer: Pathfinder Rogue Build

You may also want to check out the Russian/Slavic themed fantasy world that we’re putting together: The World Of Ruin. At the moment it is a non-system specific fantasy world that anyone can use for their own campaigns and non-commercial purposes. We’re constantly adding content to it (including a weekly monster feature here on the blog), so keep checking back for more content!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer