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Pathfinder Beginner Box & Mini-con

Those of you who follow the blog and Twitter regularly know that I play quite a bit of Pathfinder, especially Pathfinder Society Organized Play. I started my experience with the system about four or five months ago and have been attending organized meetups on a weekly basis. It’s been great fun to finally play in a regular gaming group again!

I always encourage people to give Pathfinder a try, but the rules can be quite intimidating for inexperienced players. The Core Rulebook is a thick tome (almost 600 pages!), and although it is very well organized and written it still requires quite a bit of patience to sort through.


To help ween players on to the game Paizo has just released a new Beginner’s Box. The box is similiar to the Dungeons & Dragons red box and is designed to allow players to sort through the basic rules and start a game within a relatively short period of time. I haven’t tried playing it personally, but CNN (!) actually posted a review of the entire package not too long ago. I highly recommend checking it out! And here’s another tidbit of Pathfinder related news! There is a gaming mini-convention happening on November 12th at Ryerson University in Toronto. It is a triple effort by ARRG!, TAG and the Southern Ontario Pathfinders and will feature a wide variety of board games and roleplaying games. I will personally be running two blocks of Pathfinder Society play, and there will be many other opportunities for all you fellow nerds out there to “get your game on”. More information, as well as a full gaming schedule, can be found online at the event’s Warhorn page.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer