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OPS & An Inclusive Gaming Environment


As a lot of you folks may know, I’m one of the regional coordinators for Pathfinder Society Organized Play in Ontario. Beyond running games and taking care of various administrative tasks, one of the main things I’ve been working on lately is a “fair play” policy that outlines the Ontario Pathfinder Society’s (OPS) views on inclusivity in the gaming environment. This was prompted partially by a similar statement released by the Toronto Area Gamers (TAG), but also because it seemed sorta silly we didn’t have one yet.

OPS “Fair Play” Policy

Sadly, it no longer surprises me to hear about misogyny or sexism in the Toronto gaming scene. There have been multiple incidents of sexual harassment, doxxing, and even stalking happening in TAG and other community groups. I guess I like to think that as a fairly progressive city, Toronto is beyond these types of issues, but clearly that is not the case. OPS has (luckily) been generally free of these sorts of incidents, and hopefully this document, along with the continued vigilance of its community members, helps to maintain our healthy gaming environment.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer