Off To ConBravo!


 Well, it seems I am off to ConBravo tomorrow. But not in my usual role!

Due to some complications, the Ontario Pathfinder Society will not be running games at ConBravo, and therefore I will be attending the convention in a media capacity. I’ll be exploring the various table-top games at the event, as well as a variety of panels and vendor booths. It should be a great time!

I’ll be on vacation for most of next week, so my ConBravo review posts should emerge from the aether the week afterwards. I usually reflect better on a convention after I have a few days to let my thoughts settle, so the timing actually works out pretty well.


If you’re at the convention and would like me to check out a game you’re running, a booth you’re managing, or anything else that is cool, feel free to tweet at me. My schedule is pretty flexible in the afternoon, so there is a good chance I’ll stop by!

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By Michael