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mashupSorry for the lack of updates lately – I had to put in some extra time at the studio last week and ended up working over 60 hours!  My brain was in complete meltdown mode for a little while there, but I’m all better now and ready to resume work.

The level design for Slate, the area I’m currently mapping out, is nearly complete!  Slate is similar to Mulch in many ways, but uses a completely new colour palette that I designed from scratch!  The area should be finished later this week, and I’ll be sure to make a blog post about it as soon as it is.

In other news, Unearthed will be featured at the NCFC this coming Sunday.  The NCFC is a Nintendo online fangame convention that features a lot of great work from all over the interweb.  The Unearthed booth will showcase a lot of old videos and pictures of the game during it’s development, so it would be a great place for those unfamiliar with the project to get some quick information.  I’ll post up a direct link as soon as the festival goes live.

And I’d just like to say thanks to all the people who have been commenting on the blog.  It is always a pleasure to read your responses and to answer your questions.  Commenting is generally the best way to ask me game-related questions, since it makes the answers visible for other readers.  So keep on commentin’ and I’ll keep answerin’!

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  • No prob with the lack of updates. It’d be virtually impossible to provide updates every single day. Take your time, and I can’t wait for Unearthed to be finished.

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer