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Mycori Preview

Another character breakdown, coupled with some fancy new art from Kupo_KK. This time we take a look at the mysterious Mycori, a race of mushroom people who live in the depths of the underworld.

And once again, you can view Matt’s species breakdown right here. Here is a brief excerpt:

“Mycori are a race of sentient mushrooms that dwell in the deepest reaches of the Underworld. They are reclusive creatures that deplore violence and rarely interact with outsiders.

The average Mycori stands 4 feet tall and strongly resembles a common white field mushroom. They possess stubby yet surprisingly dexterous arms and legs, and a large mushroom cap forms the top of their heads. Their faces are minimalist by human standards, possessing two pupil-less eyes and a small slit for a mouth. Lacking noses Mycori cannot smell, but they can hear using sensitive nerves found in their mushroom caps. The only clothing a Mycori wears is a flowing sash displaying their clan’s color and a mawashi (a sumo wrestler diaper).”

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer