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Mother Remake: Sprite Dump

I’m sure I’ve mentioned H.S.’s Mother Remake before, but in case I haven’t you can check out the forum thread right here. It’s basically a remake the first game in the Mother series using EarthBound’s engine, and it has quite a bit of progress done on it including a bitchin’ train sequence.

H.S. was kind enough to take care of some back-end scripting for Unearthed, so I thought I’d return the favour with some sprites for the remake. The first set that I put together were for the Barbot; a quirky little machine that is deceptively dangerous.

barbotanimatedThe final version actually has another sideways running frame, which I hadn’t created yet when I made this little animation.

Up next : Zombies! There are two sets of zombies in Mother: Gang Zombies and Nasty Zombies. They use the same sprites in-game but have different colour palettes. Below is a complete sprite set with temporary colouring.


Finally, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the Hyena overworld sprites. Hyenas are really goofy looking in the original game and I tried my best to carry over that attitude in the remake.


It was nice to do some more spriting work, especially in comparison to the bland coding I’m currently entrenched in for Unearthed. I’ll have another progress update next week, and I hope these sprites tide you over until then!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer