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Mother 1+2 Translation

translationIt’s been a long haul, but Tomato has finally done it! Mother 1+2 is now translated and ready for public consumption. You can download it on the project’s official website.

Mother 1+2 was compilation set, originally released for the GBA way back in 20063 In this fan-translated update, Mother 1 has been given a complete English retranslation, with some additional tweaks intended to make the game a bit more accessible to EarthBound fans. For example, you can now obtain an “easy ring” very early on in your adventure, which reduces the number of random encounters but increases the amount of money and experience you receive. This negates some of the level grinding that is synonymous with NES games, and makes the playing experience more enjoyable.

Mother 2 is a more bare-bones menu and name translation, without any actual dialogue being re-translated. Apparently the game was coded in the language of gibbering pit fiends, so Tomato has decided not to do a full fan-translation of Mother 2 at this time. It’s probably not necessary anyways, considering that there are a good amount of EB cartridges floating around North America. Not to mention how easy it is to find an EB rom nowadays!

So go, download and enjoy! Tomato constantly posts other interesting EB stuff on his bliggity blog, so check it our from time to time.

Also, for those waiting on Unearthed updates, I should have an update early this week. I’ve been distracted by a PbP project lately but I have put aside some time over the weekend for hacking.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer