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Morg Preview

Kupo_KK and Matt both worked hard this past Saturday, and fully fleshed out the Morg designs for Unearthed! Behold Kupo_KK’s character art:

And Matt’s species breakdown can be found online here. Here is an excerpt:

“Morg (both plural and singular) are carnivorous scavengers found in various areas of the underworld. Distantly related to the Grel, Morg possess the same upright posture, stubby legs, and oblong head as their industrious cousins. However, they stand a full foot taller, possess long sharpened teeth and claws, a single horn protruding from the middle of their head, fiendish red eyes, and are draped in mangy brown fur. While they are among the most physically intimidating creatures in the underworld, they are ultimately let down by their low intelligence. They are rarely able to strategize or coordinate attacks, and Morg society is wrought with ceaseless infighting. Regardless, their insatiable appetite and foul demeanor provide a very real threat to travelers.”

In addition, I have begun work on a new map tile-set tentatively titled “The Deepwood”. I will post progress as it comes along.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer