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Mammoth Island Adventure Club Released

Today, Mammoth Island Games debuts its Adventure Club! Each season of the Club offers a bevy of postcard-sized, system neutral, TTRPG adventures. The current season theme is Islands and features five entries.

A pile of adventure-themed postcards lie on a desk

After Hearth & Blade and The Elephant in the Room, my brother and I shifted our focus toward smaller TTRPG projects. This is for three reasons. First, scoped-down TTRPGs allow us to experiment more and try out new tools and systems. Second, we’re very interested in print materials, which are incredibly time-consuming and expensive to develop for book-length projects. Third, they’re all we have the bandwidth for while pursuing our respective PhDs.

Postcards seemed like an excellent medium for our interests as they’re small, easy to print, and cheap to ship. So if you like the free digital downloads, consider ordering a postcard in the mail! We may also sprinkle a few free copies around Montreal and Toronto in unexpected (and entirely expected) locales.

If you like the map style, be sure to check out Hex Kit and the HPS Cartography Kit.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer