Links Roundup

In mid-march I noticed a large spike in my YouTube video views for the “HyperBound Review”. After some investigation I found the source of the sudden popularity – I had been linked to by a couple of really cool gaming websites!

Tomato was kind enough to give me a shout out on EarthBound Central – a daily-updated site that focuses on the EarthBound/MOTHER games in a blog-like manner. On top of posting a brief overview of HyperBound, Tomato linked to my review video and the blog.

Anna Anthropy (Auntie Pixelante) was kind enough to give HyperBound its first comprehensive review! She hit on a few of the games strengths and weaknesses, which I then discussed with her briefly in the comments section of the blog post.

I’d like to thank both these people for their interest in my hacking endeavours! The extra traffic brings more people to the blog, and gets more people playing my games.

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By Michael