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Links Round-up

I worked about 60 hours last week, and as a result I didn’t get any work done on Unearthed! Instead of neglecting the Monday blog post entirely, I’ve decided to link up a few awesome websites made by cool people. I hope this meager offering will hold you over until next week, where I will have at least SOMETHING to show you.

Mato Tree

Personal site of Mato, the crazy translator and ultra nerd.

An expansive blog, featuring everything from game design projects to EarthBound price guides. Check out the Legends of Localization for an expansive analysis of several video game localizations, including Super Mario Bros and Final Fantasy IV.




Those Guys

Entertainment w/ Information

A website that aggregates game and entertainment articles from a variety of talented writers, with a focus on collectables and vintage gaming. It may not have the most polished content, but it boasts more updates then many professional gaming websites.




The Roleplaying Jew

An Orthodox Jew who likes Japanese role-playing games? Strange but true.

Although sparsely updated, this blog contains thoughtful articles on a variety of JRPGs, novels, anime and much more. The writer used to run the Final Fantasy Compendium back in the day, which is proof that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to RPGs.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer