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Infinite Builds: Create Pit

Where Michael and Adam (former venture captain of Ontario) discuss various Pathfinder strategies, usually resulting in death, destruction, and general bad feelings.

Michael: There are a lot of spells that I don’t like in Pathfinder, partially because of balance issues, but also because I just hate seeing them in action. Create Pit is one of those spells.

Adam: It could probably serve to be a 3rd level spell. Just add “at X level the pit has spikes” and you’ve streamlined the whole spell chain.

Michael: It could probably serve to be ON FIRE and IN OUTER SPACE.

Adam: An outer space, vacuum pit? Functions as a create pit but sucks creatures in?

Michael: Terrifying.

Adam: Actually, with Quicken Spell, you can do even scarier things.

Level 1: The Standard


 Quicken Spell: Create Pit (2)  +  Wall of Stone (4)

Michael: This is a simple combo, and one I actually don’t mind all that much. I like to imagine creatures climbing up the walls of the pit, punching the stone, falling back down, then beginning the cycle anew.

Adam: It is pretty passé though. It’s been done a lot before.

Michael: What would you suggest then?

Level 2: The Oven

otgQuicken Spell: Create Pit (2)  +  Sirocco (6)

Adam: This is a little less known variation. It requires a fifth and sixth level slot, but it is well worth it.

Michael: This actually seems really mean. You’re basically shoving the enemy into a pressure cooker.

Adam: Well, if you want to get even MEANER, with a Rod of Quicken you could do it with a Hungry Pit. Sirocco pushes you into the Sarlacc pit! OMNONOMNOM.

Michael: Cooked then eaten. What a horrible fate.

Adam: Not the most horrible…

Level 3: Maximum Overkill


Mad Monkeys (3)  +  Quicken Spell: Create Pit (2)  +  Black Tentacles (4)

Michael: Oh great, MORE of my favourite spells. This one seems like a bit more of an investment, but is a definite nightmare to deal with.

Adam: Summon Mad Monkeys as a full round action, at the start of the turn (when the monkeys appear) cast Create Pit (quickened) and Black Tentacles. The monkeys are a swarm, and can’t be grappled. They rip apart everyone down in the tentacled pit.

Michael: Create Pit is just the worst.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer