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HyperBound: Play Online

Hey everyone! In lieu of an Unearthed update this week, I just have a bit news regarding HyperBound, the game hack I made waaaaay back in 2007.


Apparently the folks at Vizzed have made a version of the game that is playable in your browser. You can check it out at the link listed below:

Play HyperBound Online


You will need to install the Vizzed RGR plugin to make things work, but it does seem to be legit. I’ve be using it for a few days and haven’t stumbled upon and viruses, malware, or cacodaemons. It also gives you access to a bunch of other games… if you don’t mind some questionable legalities.

As regular blog readers know, I still treat HyperBound as more of an experiment and a learning experience rather than a fully fleshed-out game.  It is a flawed hack, but has some neat ideas, and I’m glad to see there is another way for people to access and play it.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer