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HyperBound on Twitch (October 14th)


Just a heads up to all you hacking junkies out there: HyperBound was featured as part of Starmen.net’s Hacktoberfest last Tuesday. Why the late update? Well, originally the game was suppose to be played live on Twitch on Thursday, October 16th @ 8:00pm, but it was bumped up two days at the very last moment due to some logistical issues. You can still check out the archived broadcast here though.

I had planned to lurk in the chat to answer fan questions, but since I was unable to attend the new date, that didn’t happen. If you have questions for me about HyperBound, feel free to comment on this thread or just tweet at me. And be sure to check out this neat piece of HyperBound art made by AnnK, who hosted the Twitch stream.

hyperbound fanart

 It is good to know that after all these years, some people on the interweb are still interested in my weird little EarthBound hack.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer