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Hearth & Blade is a homebrew campaign setting for the Pathfinder roleplaying game (first edition) created in collaboration with my brother Mathew. Explore Yavmir, a frozen realm steeped in rich Slavic folklore. Delve into ancient ruins, acquaint yourself with strange creatures, and fight to survive in a world the gods have forsaken.

Mechanically, Hearth & Blade is a combination of The Elephant in the Room: Feat Taxes in Pathfinder (our set of house rules for alternate feat progression) and Pathfinder P6, which limits regular PC and NPC advancement to sixth level. Inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons modules, 16-bit roleplaying games, and pulp fantasy such as Conan The Barbarian, Hearth & Blade presents a low-fantasy play option for Pathfinder players.a painting of several slavic, medieval soldiersWe are currently preparing the beta version 1.0 of the Hearth & Blade core rulebook. This free PDF will include a modified version of the Pathfinder rule set; new monsters, feats, spells, and classes; and a comprehensive guide to the Hearth & Blade campaign setting. Check the project website for updates.

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