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Glensborough Walkabout

A walkabout video of a farm area within Glensborough. This tileset is essentially done, and will only change if I think of something absolutely vital to add down the line.

Please ignore any random sprites (lamp-posts, people, odd pixels) surrounding the area. They are essentially just stuff I shoved out of the way temporarily to edit the map.


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  • The hack is nameless at the moment, as I have been rather indecisive about giving it a title. Jammy Ness is not going to appear in the game at all – I just use him as a test sprite for map editing.

    And no, this game will not be like Hyperbound. It is a narrative hack featuring new characters, enemies and locations. I will post more information regarding plot in the weeks to come, so check back.

  • Man this looks awesome. So much better than all the other EB hacks. I like how your making new maps and not using the ones from EB.

    Have you done any sprite design yet?

  • Thanks! I really think heavily editing the tilesets will add a new flavour to the game.

    I’m working on the map tilesets first, as that is the most time consuming process. After I’m done most of that work, I’ll shift my focus towards sprite design. I’m going to be recruiting a sprite artist in the near future to help me out (hopefully).

  • I was thinking about making a Halloween hack, but unfortunately work got in the way. A fellow hacker (Radiation) is making a Halloween hack though, and you can check it out on the Starmen.net forums.

  • I'm really digging the orange-ness of the town, and the hacking general looks to be going along quite well. I'm glad I decided to follow your RSS, haha.

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer