Endgame Complete!

Not much to say about this one! This is the very last area found in Unearthed and is your traditional badass looking, pre-boss dungeon. Glowing walls, difficult enemies, the whole 9 yards. The player will have to navigate a series of these ominous hallways to reach their final objective.

I picked this particular tileset as I always considered it one of the most ominous ones found in EarthBound. I didn’t really change anything on a graphical level, but instead chose to re-arrange the map elements in new ways.
With all of the maps done, I need to sit back for a moment and consider my plans for the next stage of development. In a week or so I plan to have a partial outline revealed. In the meantime, there will be a couple unrelated “filler” posts and perhaps another article or two by Radiostorm up on the blog.


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By Michael