EGM Game Design-O-Rama


I’m going to date myself a little bit here, and bring up some random graphic design stuff I did way back in 2004.  Back in those days EGM used to run a feature called “Game Design-O-Rama”, where readers could send in video game spoofs with the hopes of getting published in the magazine.  These would range in quality and taste, but overall were pretty fun to look at.

I submitted two different fake games for this contest; Custom Hobo (a Custom Robo spoof) and Ghengis Khan Country (based on Donkey Kong Country).  As childish as it was, Custom Hobo was well received by the magazine and published in an issue that year!

So for your viewing pleasure I present to you the two mock-ups, and the page scan from the EGM Custom Hobo was published in.  Just as a sidenote, I used the handle “PanamaJack” back in those days (hence the description on the page).

customhobofullrez gkcountry


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By Michael