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EB Zero Remake: Progress

I’ve got another hacking work-in-progress to you show you all! This one isn’t mine though; I think if I took on any more side projects my brain would vaporize. -_-

The EB Zero Remake is a project being worked on by several members of the Starmen.net community. They’re attempting to create a SNES version of the original game in the Mother series (known to fans as EB Zero, but officially titled Mother).

I was a little skeptical of the project at first (there are ever so many hacks that dissipate before producing anything concrete), but some of the progress they’ve made in the past months is truly inspiring. Check out this map comparison from the two games:

There are a few subtle changes between the maps, but it is very clear whoever is designing them has quite the eye for detail. My main concern for the project is that they’ll run out of space in the EarthBound ROM. The EB Zero map is quite a bit larger than EarthBound’s, and I hope they are creative enough with their editing to get around this restriction.

I’ll share more information about this project as it hits significant milestones. In the meantime, enjoy this video showcasing some gameplay from the hack!



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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer