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dMetric Tangent: Point Based Combat

Website regulars have probably already taken note of the fact that I’ve annihilated the old dMetric section of the website. This was for various reasons; the most obvious one being that we haven’t touched the game outline for nearly a year. Sometimes my thoughts still wander to the game though, and last weekend I sat down and attempted to devise a simplified combat system for the ruleset.

Like most of my projects, my simple thoughts soon grew incredibly complicated, and I ended up devising a “Point Based Combat System” that is probably too unwieldy for practical use. Rather than let the ideas rot in my notebook, I’ve transcribed the rules breakdown into pdf format for your perusal. Do bear in mind that this is pretty much unedited and has not been properly proofread.

Here’s a quick excerpt for you to check out:

Point Based Combat System V1.0

dMetric uses a simple system to dictate what actions a character may take, and how powerful they are when executed. This system is based upon class-specific skill decks, which contain a wealth of ability cards that allow classes to do anything from launching basic attacks to casting mighty spells.

Although ability cards are diverse and plentiful, they all follow two basic rules:

1) A character has set amount of ability points (AP) that is equal to their [current level plus one]. Ability points allow the use of ability cards in and out of combat, and reset after every turn.

2) A character can use abilities in combat by playing ability cards (AC). Each ability card requires a certain amount of ability points to play and can only be used once in a single round. Once a character has expended all of his ability points he can no longer play ability cards until the next round.


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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer