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Ace of Spades

Sorry about the lack of updates lately everyone. I usually don't like to leave the blog unattended for too long, but I have had my hands full with wedding planning and an assortment of other random tasks. I'm going to try to get a couple map updates done over the next month (Testing Grounds & Chicada Caverns most likely), before I have to go on a short hiatus for the big day. [...]

Labyrinth Lord

I thought that this week I'd take a break from blogging about digital games to talk about a great pen and paper gaming system called Labyrinth Lord. Published by Goblinoid Games, Labyrinth Lord emulates and re-organizes the rules create by the original Dungeons and Dragons system published in the 70s and 80s.

LL is very streamlined [...]

Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch

The last time I visited home, my little brother introduced me to a fun little Doom 2 mod called Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch. As the name implies, the game uses the Doom 2 engine in conjunction with Megaman characters and weapons to create a online multiplayer shooter.

Anyone who is familiar with either of the aforementioned franchises [...]

Desktop Dungeons

After getting burned out on Starcraft, I began a search for some less micro intensive games to try out. I did a couple random searches on freeware.remakes.org and eventually stumbled across a fun little game called Desktop Dungeons.

DD is by far one of the most streamlined and compact roguelikes I've ever played. Sessions take[...]

Gamma Bros

I was never much for Flash games, but I was extremely pleased to stumble upon Gamma Bros on Newgrounds a few years back. Fast-paced action, charming graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack all contribute to a rather excellent gaming experience, reminiscent of Galaga, Asteroids and 1942.You take on the role of the titular[...]

Gang Garrison

The genre of 2D multiplayer shooter is not one rife with titles, so I was very pleased when Gang Garrison was released back in 2008. Originally a simple "demake" of the popular multiplayer game Team Fortress 2, Gang Garrison has flourished with community mods and feedback and has become a well-balanced and enjoyable online 2D shooter. With interpretations of all 9 original classes,[...]


Spelunky is a unique little freeware game that will make you want to tear your hair out, scream at the computer screen and murder the game designer. Despite the blistering difficulty level (or more likely, because of it) Spelunky is one of the most enjoyable and engaging 2D platformers I have played in years. Spelunky plays out like a cross between Rogue and any number of treasure collect-a-thon...

Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer