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Ace of Spades

Sorry about the lack of updates lately everyone. I usually don't like to leave the blog unattended for too long, but I have had my hands full with wedding planning and an assortment of other random tasks. I'm going to try to get a couple map updates done over the next month (Testing Grounds & Chicada Caverns most likely), before I have to go on a short hiatus for the big day. [...]

Labyrinth Lord

I thought that this week I'd take a break from blogging about digital games to talk about a great pen and paper gaming system called Labyrinth Lord. Published by Goblinoid Games, Labyrinth Lord emulates and re-organizes the rules create by the original Dungeons and Dragons system published in the 70s and 80s.

LL is very streamlined [...]

Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch

The last time I visited home, my little brother introduced me to a fun little Doom 2 mod called Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch. As the name implies, the game uses the Doom 2 engine in conjunction with Megaman characters and weapons to create a online multiplayer shooter.

Anyone who is familiar with either of the aforementioned franchises [...]

Desktop Dungeons

After getting burned out on Starcraft, I began a search for some less micro intensive games to try out. I did a couple random searches on and eventually stumbled across a fun little game called Desktop Dungeons.

DD is by far one of the most streamlined and compact roguelikes I've ever played. Sessions take[...]

Gamma Bros

I was never much for Flash games, but I was extremely pleased to stumble upon Gamma Bros on Newgrounds a few years back. Fast-paced action, charming graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack all contribute to a rather excellent gaming experience, reminiscent of Galaga, Asteroids and 1942.You take on the role of the titular[...]