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Bunker Alpha Complete; Testing Grounds Tileset Complete!

After a couple of busy weeks I have two excellent map-related updates on Unearthed!First and foremost, the map design for Bunker Alpha has been completed.  Bunker Alpha is a fairly small and straightforward area that the player is deposited in at the beginning of Act III.

It serves as the launching point for the act’s narrative, and a rest stop the player can return to while exploring the surrounding area.  It’s fairly similar in design to Bunker Gamma, as seen below:

Secondly, the tileset construction of the Testing Grounds has been completed!  One of the few overworld maps in the game, the Testing Grounds is a barren salt flats that has been pulverized with explosions and radiation.  The player must tread lightly to avoid the abominations and other dangers that lurk throughout this desolate area.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer