Adventures in 8.5×11 at In Media Res

In Media Res is a Media Commons project dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship. Each weekday, a different scholar curates a 30-second to 3-minute video clip/visual image slideshow accompanied by a 300-350-word impressionistic response – re-purposing an existing media object and providing context through commentary.

For the website’s #FantasyCartography week, I submitted Adventures in 8.5×11 – an article documenting the past decade of the One Page Dungeon Contest. The competition is something that I’ve been following for a long time – and have even participated in on occasion – and this was a great opportunity for me to sift through hundreds of past entries. I’ve included a short excerpt of my piece below:

Amateur pen-and-paper game design is certainly not a new phenomenon. Since Gary Gygax and David Arneson began their Blackmoor adventure in 1972 – fusing Chainmail medieval wargaming with Gygax’s established Fantasy Supplement – generations of gamers have meticulously crafted their own sprawling dungeons and fantastical campaign settings.

You can check out the entire #FantasyCartography week offering on the In Media Res website.

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By Michael