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4 New Classes for Pathfinder P6

I think it has been evidenced about a hundred times before on this blog, but my brother and I are pretty big fans of the Pathfinder RPG. As part of our quest to create a campaign setting for the game, we decided it would be a good idea to create some new classes. Although borrowing heavily from existing sourceds – and in some cases, simply re-skinning core classes – these four new options are designed to offer interesting new gameplay elements while embracing the theming found in Hearth & Blade.

All of these classes are designed for Pathfinder P6: a type of Pathfinder campaign where character progression essentially halts at level six except for feats. You can read up on P6 on the (in-progress) Hearth & Blade website, or consult the original rules codex. Additionally, you can see how these classes (and their class features) mesh into the Pathfinder feat tree right here.

These aren’t just descriptions! Click the highlighted titles to explore full class rules and progression.


Role: Frontline Fighter, Tank, Support Caster
Crusaders are stalwart champions of their chosen faith. During the Radiant Age, these warriors – adorned in gilded ceremonial armor and empowered by their patron deity – defended the peace in Yavmir. Now few in number and lacking formal training, these knights of the old orders wander as missionaries or work as guardsman for local clergies. Scrappier than their predecessors but no less devoted to their cause, crusaders eke out a small measure of order in the Mortal Age through iron, magic, and zeal.


Role: Ranged Damage-Dealer, Utility Caster, Generalist
The ruins of the great cities and monuments of Yavmir hold great secrets and wealth for those intrepid enough to ply them. Those who dare are known as delvers, brilliant tinkerers who are adept at salvaging and rebuilding the great wonders of the Radiant Age. Armed with firearms, weapons too dangerous and volatile for the layperson to wield, as well as a grasp of the arcane, delvers spend as much time in deep study as they do in the depths of the earth.


Role: Full Caster, Elemental Damage Dealer
During the Radiant Age, mortal men and women wielded awesome powers chronicled in folklore and legend. These ancient magi were paragons of their era, able to conjure wishes into reality and uncoil the very fabric of the seasons themselves. There are those today who have managed to unearth the arcana of this forgotten age. These mystics, tethered to ritual and ancient incantations, have inherited the primordial powers of their ancestors at a great cost.


Role: Full Caster, Healer, Combat Support
Yavmir is a shattered world, yet there are those who are dedicated to mending it. These wardens walk the blighted wilds of the Mortal Age seeking to eradicate the machinations of metal and magic that lay buried beneath the snow. However, they are not benevolent heroes. Blaming the hubris of mankind for the state of Yavmir, these men and women distance themselves from civilization and strike out against hunters, loggers, travellers, mystics, and any others they deem to upset the natural order. Unhinged from making costly pacts with sleeping earth spirits, wardens are to be feared and respected.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer