Michael Iantorno

PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer

I am a FRQSC-funded doctoral candidate in Concordia University’s Communication program where my research focuses on videogame afterlife, fandom, and intellectual property law.

My ongoing academic projects involve studying socioeconomic class representations in videogames, cataloguing the Residual Media Depot’s enormous research collection of early home computing technologies, and documenting the emergence of videogame randomizers. I am currently a student representative for the Technoculture, Art and Games lab, an active member of Dr Mia Consalvo’s mLab, and a research assistant at the Residual Media Depot.

a game boy camera picture of michael's face, up close and personal

In my spare time, I make videogame hacks, craft tabletop RPG campaign settings, and pet my cats a whole lot. My projects have received thousands of downloads and have been featured in books, magazines, contestsblogs, and more.

Some of my recent work includes: All in a day’s work: Working-class heroes as videogame protagonists in the Nordicom Review’s special issue Class in/and the Media, a book review of Maureen Webb’s Coding Freedom in New Media & Society, and (Un)Controlled Vocabulary on the Residual Media Depot’s website.