Michael Iantorno

PhD Student, Game Designer, and Writer

I am a PhD student in Concordia University’s Communication program where my doctoral research focuses on videogame hacking, fandom, and intellectual property law.

My master’s thesis, also completed at Concordia, investigated a number of videogame hacking subcultures — communities that make unauthorized alterations to titles after their release — using interviews, qualitative game analysis, and iterative writing.

a heavily pixelated picture of michael

I am currently a student representative and web writer for the Technoculture, Art and Games lab, an active member of Dr Mia Consalvo’s mLab, and a research assistant at the Residual Media Depot. My ongoing academic projects involve studying socioeconomic class representations in videogames, analyzing Wii modding as fair use/dealing, and identifying trends in Metroid and Super Metroid hacking.

In my spare time, I pursue videogame hacking, short feature writing, and tabletop game design. My projects have received thousands of downloads and have been featured in books, courses, magazines, contestsblogs, and more.