Vector Map Pack: Trees

Way back in March I posted a delightful little .eps file that included some vector mountains that I had been using for my reconstruction of the Yavmir map. Today, I present to you another useful tool for prospective map-makers: an .eps file that includes some tree vectors for use in map projects. I just finalized these designs yesterday, and you can see a quick forest that I plotted out in the image below.



My wife commented that these trees look like they are “on fire,” so I have taken to calling them fireball trees. They match the minimalist design of the mountains, utilizing a small grayscale palette to create a simple, hand-painted style. There are four unique trees in total, arranged in a little over a dozen easy-to-use groupings. Just layer them from back-to-front on your map and you’re good to go!

Download Vector Trees .EPS Files

Many thanks to Telecanter for isolating the trees and posting them on his blog. He nabbed the original artwork from a public domain map from the 1600s, so like every other map resource I post on the blog, you can use these trees 100% free of charge.

4 thoughts on “Vector Map Pack: Trees

    1. Michael Post author

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

      I wonder how many people clicked that incorrect link over the years. 🙁

  1. Mostafa

    Just had to leave a comment, Thanks so much for posting these! These along with the mountain ones are a treat to work with in Illustrator for someone who’s still figuring things out.

    Thank you!

    1. Michael Post author

      Glad you like them!


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