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Unearthed Update: Presents and More

I had a bit of free time over the holidays, so I decided to get caught up on some Unearthed work. Working diligently, I managed to place every present on the overworld map. That is about 60-70 individual backpacks, gift boxes, garbage cans, and treasure chests!


I also took care of a few miscellaneous overworld elements. One of my favourite additions are the notes of an intrepid explorer, who explored the entire underground cave system many years ago. His observations are meant to help guide the player through their journeys (and provide some comic relief).


Another neat addition is the green hermit, who gathers strange seeds that Mitchell can find across the underworld. He’s a bit of an odd fellow, but his services are invaluable.



That’s all for now! I’m going to be debugging some of my previous work over the next week or two, but after that I’m planning to host a Twitch stream to answer questions about the game. I’ll keep you all in the loop about the details once I figure them out!

Unearthed Update: December 31st (Sacks)

I decided to get an early start on 2013 and put some work in on a few sprites for Unearthed. I’ve been petitioning the community for the game’s art assets – which has been an overwhelming positive experience – but there were some sorely needed overworld sprites that I just had to get done myself.




The top row consists of the classic gift box, a new backpack container (open and closed), and a scrap of paper. The bottom row starts with the ubiquitous garbage can, and continues with another set of backpacks (with two “open” variations). Our protagonist stands to the left, silently nodding in approval.

I wanted to change the main item container sprite to add a more distinct flavour to Unearthed, and to help differentiate it from the original game. It may seem like a meager change, but it should help to make Unearthed a more unique experience for the player.