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PK Hack Starmen.net Podcast

The Starmen.net Podcast is a bi-weekly production run by one of the internet’s largest fan websites. Featuring guests from all across the Starmen.net community, it provides insights into the wide world of EarthBound fandom.

I was recently invited onto the podcast to chat about my game hacking adventures, and to help judge the latest fanart submissions from the Starmen.net community. I also had the chance to briefly touch on topics such as Undertale, Mario Maker, and game development.

I’m always happy to make appearances on podcasts, so feel free to drop me a line if you are in need of a guest. My fields of expertise include gaming (hacking, tabletop, retro games), nerd culture, disability, and literature.

Canadian Comics @ Fan Expo

A bit of a change of pace for this Friday’s update! Although I am a blogger and game designer by night, my day job is that of an audio producer for a company called Accessible Media Inc. AMI was kind enough to send me out to Fan Expo this year with media accreditation, to interview creative minds in the Canadian comics industry. I got to learn a lot about some very creative people in the Canadian arts world, including some very neat updates about the recent Captain Canuck revival.


I am not an accomplished interviewer by any stretch of the imagination, but my co-producer managed to edit the good bits together to craft an excellent segment for her show Mosaic City. You can listen to the program below, or check out the whole series over on iTunes.

I’m actually going to be involved in a lot more work like this in the future, so if you’re any audio nut, feel free to check back to this blog every so often for more cool shows and podcasts.

Random Thoughts: October 15

No Unearthed update this week! I have been doing work, but it is all text-based stuff that would reveal key plot points from the game. SUPER SECRET PLOT POINTS. Anyways, instead of posting nothing I thought I would show you some random stuff that me and RS have been working on lately.

First off, here are some test logos that we’ve put together for Spellstorm, a yearly gaming convention that takes place here in Toronto. Radiostorm came up with the basic layout for them, while I developed the badass maelstrom graphic in the background. They will probably go through a few more iterations before getting to the final product, but the basic shape should remain about the same.

Next up, a little bit of a world building project that the two of us have been casually working on over the last few months. We wanted to make an intriguing map to use as the basic for a “world of ruin” type campaign setting, and ended up with this illustration. It is loosely based off of Pangea, Super Mario World and a few other sources that I cannot immediately recall. The map itself is still far from being complete, but I really like the overall shape that has evolved.

One last update: I don’t know exactly if and when podcasts are going to start up again, but I imagine it will be sometime before the end of November. We’re currently contemplating possible format changes, which has held up the process quite a bit. Never watched one of our podcasts before? Most of them are kinda haphazard, but I really enjoyed the Batman one we put together a few weeks ago:

That’s all for now! Check back next week for exciting Unearthed updates!