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Unearthed Update: Music (Almost) Fully Implemented

I have an exciting update for you all! Over the last year or so I’ve been collecting musical submissions from the community over at Starmen.net, and I’ve finally gotten around to implementing the tracks into the game. With over twenty new pieces of music now embedded into the game’s world, Unearthed is starting to sound preeeeeetty goooood.


Here are a few of my favourite tracks, composed by the incredibly talented DalisClock.

Glensborough (Overworld Theme)

The Crystal Mines

Mole City

There still are a few new (wicked awesome) battle tracks I need to implement, but I will be taking care of those when I tackle battle backgrounds later in the year. For now, I’m going to be doing some good ol’ fashioned debugging ahead of my Twitch stream, which will likely be taking place in February.

Unearthed Update: Enemy Placement Pre-Production

It has been a while, but I finally have a game update for all of you. I have just finished the arduous process of mapping out enemy encounter groups, and map placement groups. Exciting to talk about, but boring to look at (see below).



Yep, that is definitely a table full of entries. 264 encounter groups and 104 placement groupings to be exact. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. o__o

What does this bit of progress mean? First off, I can finally start entering these lovely numbers and names into the actual game. That is a boring but long process (game design in a nutshell) that isn’t too difficult now that I’ve plotted everything out. Secondly, I can start thinking about laying out map elements. This starts with enemy groups, but continues onto NPCs, sprites, and music.

Speaking of music: SM.netter DalisClock has been tearing it up on the forums, creating a slew of new music tracks for Unearthed. There are way too many for me to list here, but you can check them out on the forum thread starting right about here. Here is a sample track entitled Spooky Battle, that tickles me in just the right way.

Unearthed Update: September 22nd (Music Asset List)

As I put the many disparate elements of Unearthed together into one alpha build, I am encouraging the community to submit music for the game’s soundtrack. What kind of music you ask? Well, it’d be nice to have some original compositions for the various areas of the game. What are the different areas of the game? I AM GLAD YOU ASKED.


I have assembled a listing of every area in the game including a graphical preview, a short description, and a couple pieces of reference music. It is currently hosted on the Starmen.net forums, and you can find the link to it RIGHT HERE. Even if you’re not terribly interested in contributing music to the game, the list is a pretty awesome outline of every single dungeon in Unearthed. Check it out!

I’ll be putting up completed music on the blog as it rolls in, so check back every week for melodic delights. I will also be posting about other updates; alpha builds, dialogue chunks, screenshots, and more. It should be a lively couple of months!