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Vector Map Pack: Mountains

A great deal of my downtime lately has been dedicated to map-making. Nothing too complicated or mind-blowing: I’ve basically just been tinkering away at an overhaul of the original Yavmir map I posted last year. In an effort to simplify the entire map-making experience, I decided it was time make a set of vector mountains that I could use to piece together ranges. I’m not much of an artist, so I based the designs of some sketches done by the very talented StarRaven on DeviantArt. You can seem some of the fruits of that labour below.


I’m a big fan of open source everything, so I am posting the mountain vectors I created for everyone to use. They are in .eps format – very useful for Illustrator and Photoshop – and include a filled layer and an outline layer. The filled mountains are incredibly useful for quick map-making, as they stack on top of one another with ease. The outlined versions offer a bit more flexibility with shading, although are a bit clunky when dealing with layers.

Download Vector Mountain .EPS Files

I hope that some of you will find these vectors tool as useful as I did! I’ll probably be whipping up some vector forests later this year, and I will be sure to post those on the blog when they’re done.

Random Thoughts: October 15

No Unearthed update this week! I have been doing work, but it is all text-based stuff that would reveal key plot points from the game. SUPER SECRET PLOT POINTS. Anyways, instead of posting nothing I thought I would show you some random stuff that me and RS have been working on lately.

First off, here are some test logos that we’ve put together for Spellstorm, a yearly gaming convention that takes place here in Toronto. Radiostorm came up with the basic layout for them, while I developed the badass maelstrom graphic in the background. They will probably go through a few more iterations before getting to the final product, but the basic shape should remain about the same.

Next up, a little bit of a world building project that the two of us have been casually working on over the last few months. We wanted to make an intriguing map to use as the basic for a “world of ruin” type campaign setting, and ended up with this illustration. It is loosely based off of Pangea, Super Mario World and a few other sources that I cannot immediately recall. The map itself is still far from being complete, but I really like the overall shape that has evolved.

One last update: I don’t know exactly if and when podcasts are going to start up again, but I imagine it will be sometime before the end of November. We’re currently contemplating possible format changes, which has held up the process quite a bit. Never watched one of our podcasts before? Most of them are kinda haphazard, but I really enjoyed the Batman one we put together a few weeks ago:

That’s all for now! Check back next week for exciting Unearthed updates!