New York Festivals: Grand Jury Confidential

The New York Festivals Radio Awards enlists audio professionals from all over the world to become members of their Grand Jury. The Grand Jury includes some of the most recognizable voices and captivating programming producers in the radio industry today (their words, not mine).

In 2016, I was selected to the New York Festivals Grand Jury, and I was also asked to take part in their Grand Jury Confidential interview series. I eagerly agreed, and I am one of three representatives from Accessible Media Inc taking part. You can read the entire interview I took part in right here.

zineRise of the Video Game Zinesters

In March 2012, Anna Anthropy released her book Rise of the Video Game Zinesters. Part critical essay, part manifesto, and part DIY guide, the book outlines how a new generation of artists are challenging the giant video game developers and changing the make-up of the industry. My first hack project, HyperBound, was given a three-page write-up in the book, and I’ve placed a short excerpt below:

HyperBound takes its name from “hypertext,” text that’s arranged in a nonlinear structure. (This book is a text: it’s arranged to be read from start to finish, one page to the next. A website, where you might click on a word to “link” to a page about that subject, is hypertext.)

What better model for the nonlinear exploration of text than the space of a digital game, where the player moves around the world by moving her character across the screen, encountering characters, and listening to what they have to say? That’s the part of the design of EarthBound that HyperBound has lifted. What it’s rejected is the fighting. The hack is purely about exploring the world and discovering the text, and original script written by Iantorno and his brother.

In addition to the mention in her book, Anna Anthropy also wrote up a blog post about the project in 2009.


EarthBound Central

Clyde Mandelin (AKA Tomato) was kind enough to give me a couple shout outs on his website, EarthBound Central, which is a daily-updated blog that focuses on the EarthBound/MOTHER games and the fandom that surrounds them.

The first post was originally posted back in March of 2009. Mandelin briefly outlined HyperBound, prominently displayed the project’s YouTube video, and even pointed his audience towards my new hack, which I had just started at the time. This was a fairly significant bit of press for me back in the day, and it really helped to stir up some interest in my game hacking endeavours.

I was once again featured in the blog in January of 2015, where he featured my second game-hack project, Unearthed. Once again, Clyde posted one of my YouTube videos, and I got a pretty nice spike in blog traffic as a result.

eyeopenerThe Eyeopener: Are You Afraid of the LARP?

In 2015, I was contacted by a Ryerson journalism student to contribute to a feature story about LARPing and the stigmas attached to the oft-maligned hobby. Admittedly, I don’t quite remember all the topics we covered, but I do recall chatting about LARP’s relationship with role-playing and table-top games, as well as some general “nerd culture” issues.

I am only featured for the briefest of moments in the article – uttering some generalities about LARP and nerd culture – but it was still nice to contribute to the piece. LARP has always fascinated me due to the dedication of its participants, as well as the shame that is placed upon it by the rest of the gaming community. It can be a polarizing hobby!

Bonus content: Check out this unfortunately named (and miraculously still archived) Eyeopener piece from 2004, where music video director Alon Isocianu and I discuss our very first one minute film!