Open Dialogue

Hosted by veteran broadcaster Mike Ross and Canadian Press Reporter Michelle McQuigge, Open Dialogue was a weekly panel discussion program that ran from 2016-2017 on Accessible Media Inc. Open Dialogue was a forum where guests debated and discussed a wide range of disability related topics, all through the lens of advocacy, inclusion, and empowerment.

Homelessness and Disability

Homelessness. It is symbolic of society’s inability to house and care for its citizens.

As is common with many social issues, disability is a key risk factor for homelessness. People with disabilities can be marginalized in ways that compromise their financial security, isolate them from society, and reduce their access to affordable housing.

Stephanie Woodward, Frances MacNeil, and Dr. Sylvain Roy join the Open Dialogue panel to discuss homelessness and disability in North America.

Media Allies

On this episode of Open Dialogue, we discuss actors and personalities who have positioned themselves as advocates for people with disabilities.

In the second half of the program, we take a look at a video produced by internet personality Dylan Marron, in which he attempts to “shut down the bullshit” surrounding autism (with mixed results). But our conversation starts with actor Meryl Streep, who made a contentious speech at the 2016 Golden Globes.

Kim Sauder and Dr. Jeff Preston join us for this discussion.


There is perhaps no topic that polarizes the disability community quite as much as Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

Falling under the umbrella of transability, those with BIID feel that they are meant to be have a disability that they do not already possess. These disabilities can vary from blindness, to limb amputation, to paralysis.

On this episode of Open Dialogue: we discuss Body Integrity Identity Disorder and transability with Chloe Jennings-White and Dr. Clive Baldwin.


Can disability be cured? And is it right to even ask the question? On this episode of Open Dialogue, we explore the controversial idea of “curing” or “fixing” disability.

Emily Ladau and Dr. Gregor Wolbring join the panel to discuss society’s fascination with a “normal” human form, and how technology is changing what our bodies are capable of.