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Text Adventure Twitter Bot

On somewhat of a lark, I decided to convert my Twitter account into a fantasy text adventure bot. I haven’t been the heaviest of user of the platform lately – at least not for crafting original tweets – so I thought I’d flex my meager programming and writing skills to bring what is essentially randomized Zork to social media.

Utilizing Zach Whalen’s excellent guide, I used a column-by-column randomizer to craft tweets that follow the standard text adventure format. My (now deleted) test tweet is indicative of the formula: “You enter an extravagant ballroom. A tiny sahuagin is sitting quietly on an oaken chair. An inconspicuous wand lies on the ground in front of you. Obvious exits are WEST and SOUTHWEST.”

The beauty of Whalen’s system is that you can edit your corpus easily through a Google Docs spreadsheet. New content can be added on the fly, without having to restart the bot or bring it down for maintenance. I’ll likely be fixing typos and creating additional content throughout the month of December.

Two Week Blog Hiatus

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m taking a two-week break from game production and blogging. I’m aiming to get back to things on November 17th.


 Why the sudden hiatus? I’ll soon be taking a week-long work trip to Los Angeles to help record an audio documentary about the city. Some of the areas I’m visiting include Santa Monica, The Henson Lot, and The Staples Centre, so it should be really interesting trip. I’m essentially working around the clock though, so game development and blogging is not going to be an option. After I get back I will enter a short Odinsleep before hopping back on the development wagon.

Off To ConBravo!


 Well, it seems I am off to ConBravo tomorrow. But not in my usual role!

Due to some complications, the Ontario Pathfinder Society will not be running games at ConBravo, and therefore I will be attending the convention in a media capacity. I’ll be exploring the various table-top games at the event, as well as a variety of panels and vendor booths. It should be a great time!

I’ll be on vacation for most of next week, so my ConBravo review posts should emerge from the aether the week afterwards. I usually reflect better on a convention after I have a few days to let my thoughts settle, so the timing actually works out pretty well.


If you’re at the convention and would like me to check out a game you’re running, a booth you’re managing, or anything else that is cool, feel free to tweet at me. My schedule is pretty flexible in the afternoon, so there is a good chance I’ll stop by!