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The Elephant in the Room: Feat Taxes in Pathfinder (Full Rules Document)

In September of 2012, my brother and I released a blog post discussing the issue of feat taxes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Although the post was intended to be a one-off thought experiment based on our experiences building characters for organized play, it gained an inexplicable amount of traction on Reddit, Facebook, and the official Paizo forums. It is responsible for 90% of the traffic on this website, recently celebrated its 100th comment, and has been used for countless Pathfinder home campaigns.

In response to the continued interest expressed by the Pathfinder community, we’ve decided to publish an updated and expanded version of our feat tree. This document, titled The Elephant in the Room after the original blog post, includes a reimagined version of the entire feat section found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

We’re publishing the revised rules both here and on the newly redesigned Hearth & Blade website. Hearth & Blade was largely inspired by these feat tax rules, albeit adjusted for the P6 rule set, and the document provides a good idea of what our upcoming core rulebook will look like when it is finished.

More than anything, however, we hope that this document continues to spur interesting and lively discussion of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, just as the original blog post did.

Hearth & Blade: Fan-Made Map

It seems that, despite not having an official release yet, the Hearth & Blade Pathfinder campaign setting has its first piece of fan-art. Russian artist Mark Kamyshin was kind enough to send us his interpretation of the world map (which turned out about 100 times better than my meager efforts).

You can see the full-sized image on Mark’s DeviantArt page. Many thanks go out to Mark for his work on this. It looks great! And since the campaign setting is based on Slavic folklore, it’s nice to see that we have some fans from Russia!

Hearth & Blade: P6 Monster Bestiary

I’ve mentioned it on the blog a few times before, so I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Hearth & Blade (formerly Yavmir) campaign setting that I’ve been working on with my brother over the last few years. We hit a pretty big milestone on the project this week with the completion of the bestiary: a collection of monsters specifically designed for the setting.

As with all things related to Hearth & Blade, these creatures are primarily inspired by Slavic folkore and are built for the Pathfinder RPG using the P6 mod. In addition to the monsters rooted in myth, we added some creatures of our own invention: including some fiendish chimeras and terrifying undead. Spooky!

Additionally, we’ve supplemented our original creations with a collection of Pathfinder monsters. These entries are all from Bestiary I, which aligns with are “core only” approach to game design. We hope the addition of these collections of beasts will bring the setting closer to becoming completely playable!