Montreal Bound

It’s time for a brief geographical update.

After spending the majority of my thirty(ish) years living Toronto, I will be packing up my cats this summer and relocating to Montreal. I have accepted an offer from Concordia’s Media Studies (MA) program, where I will be doing a mix of course and project work with a focus on interactive documentary. I will be studying topics such as game development, journalism, and media ethics, while trying to remember how to write in an academic fashion.

It will be tough leaving the 6ix Torrano Toronto – especially considering all the friends I’ve made here over the past three decades -but I’m looking forward to getting back into the world of academia while exploring a brand new city. I’ll only be a few hours down the highway too – so I’m sure I will find myself back in the city on a fairly regular basis.


Unearthed Update: Shadowy Morg on a Shadowy Planet

Following a short winter hiatus, I have resumed production on Unearthed. I was forced to take some time off during the holidays (and an ill-timed move), but I’m now fully entrenched in the “actual game build” portion of development. As seen above, I’ve been having a lot of fun with NPC movement and script-writing.

The first two areas of the game (Glensborough and Rocky Slalom) are both complete. And when I say “complete” I mean “totally playable.” Since all of the prep work (enemies, abilities, maps, etc…) is already done, I can build Unearthed in a relatively linear fashion. I’m just adding NPCs, setting up flags, and creating movement codes. Lots of work, but pretty straight-forward.

I’ll make another blog post later in the month with some additional progress updates and screencaps. In the meantime, enjoy the gifs and check my Twitter for quick updates and inane ramblings.

The World Is Square?

This place isn’t called The World Is Square anymore.

I know that is a bit of a blunt opening, but I thought I’d just get that main point across right off the top. From now on,, and will all redirect to this website, which will have the root domain Simple!

For many years, I accumulated a weird assortment of arbitrary domains and niche websites. This was done to create some separation between my employment profile and my game design projects, but also because my online portfolio approach has been somewhat haphazard. I really didn’t have a strong plan when I made my first forays onto the web back in the mid-aughts, and I certainly didn’t keep my online presence up-to-date over the past decade.

So, I decided to consolidate: everything about me can now be found on this website. Audio, game design, blog entries… EVERYTHING. Well, except for employment information. I’m just going to let LinkedIn handle that.

It’s nice to finally have my online presence fully united and associated with my name. From now on you can call me “Michael” instead of “that weird dude from The World Is Square” or “that HyperBound guy.”

If you have any questions about the new layout – or you’re having some trouble finding something that was on the old site – feel free to pop me off an email. I’m more than happy to help you out.